21. november


Early-career scholars workshop (PhD-dagen) (Slutt 17:00)

NEON workshop for early-career scholars

NTNU Kalvskinnet (Room: Enga)

On Tuesday 21 November early-career scholars are invited to share their work, learn about academic life and make connections in a friendly atmosphere. By early-career scholars, we mean PhD-candidates, postdocs or others in the beginning of their careers as academics or researchers. The workshop will include feedback sessions, round-table discussions and talks on topics such as publishing practices and career planning.


To participate, you would need to submit either a research paper (draft) or a project plan (1-2 pages) outlining future research work. We would also greatly appreciate if you could notify us in advance if you intend to participate and describe your current work status (e.g. “third year PhD-candidate finalizing my thesis”). That will allow us to make the program more engaging for the participants. Please see the deadlines below.


The workshop is organized by Siri Øyslebø Sørensen, Michael Grothe-Hammer and Jonas A. Ingvaldsen from NTNU. Additional speakers will be announced later.


Practical information
  • Place: NTNU Trondheim, Kalvskinnet campus
  • Time: Tuesday 21 November 12:00 – 17:00 (starting with lunch) 
  • Deadline: 10 November for paper or proposal
  • Please notify us by 10 October  if you intend to participate
  • Please send the notification and submission to jonas.a.ingvaldsen@ntnu.no 
  • Register at conference webpage by 10 October 
  • Registration fee: NOK 1750,-


Workshop om undervisning og læring: teknologi og transformasjon i læringsfellesskap (Dokkhuset) (Slutt 17:00)

NEON23 inviterer til en halvdags-workshop 21. november.

Les mer om program her.


Dokkhuset ligger rett ved busstopp for flybussen fra Værnes og et steinkast fra både Trondheim sentralstasjon og konferansehotellet.


Workshop on Feminist theory and the art of reading (Slutt 17:00)

Feminist theory and the art of reading – a workshop 

Jenny Helin & Alison Pullen

NTNU Kalvskinnet (Room U302)

This workshop creates a space to contribute to and build feminist communities, whilst also respecting the need for developing feminist theory in Organization Studies that reflects and observes the challenges of our times. For it is through theory that radical transformation of ourselves and contexts can occur – theory carries political possibilities as feminist theorists have long shown us. Recently, in a conversation on killjoys between Sara Ahmed and Judith Butler, Ahmed says ‘concepts can be craft … which are shaped and sharpened by use [and] provide materials to help us to do our own work’i: 


To be in conversation with someone else’s work over a sustained period of time can be a queer kind of intimacy, you are not on the same page but you catch something, a thought or an idea that does not come to you with crisp edges, as clarity or revelation, but more slowly or gradually in turning the pages, by sustaining the engagement. Perhaps how we write together sometimes in proximity, sometimes not, is another way of talking about the project of living together (Sara Ahmed, 2023: no page). 


Together we will discuss the importance of theory for feminist communities, including how to read theory, both the theories that are already written as well as those that we are in the process of writing. Feminist theory has been central in developing organizational knowledge, developing theories of power and ethics for example. Building on the tradition established by feminist scholars of coming together, this workshop has an explicit focus on developing close readings of classic feminist theories. 


In practical terms, we will 1) Share our readings of classic feminist texts which read theory closely and develop theory, 2) Reflect the relationality of reading-writing, 3) Write a feminist text and/or get some fresh air. 

The workshop will last three hours and welcomes those of you who are curious to learn more about feminist work as well as already established feminist researchers. If you want to participate in the workshop, you are warmly welcome to send an e-mail and register your interest to Jenny and Alison at jenny.helin@fek.uu.se or alison.pullen@mq.edu.au, before October 15. 

In developing a feminist space, the readings will be determined by the group and all readings will be shared with the group. Workshop to be capped at 15 people. 


Mottakelse, Dokkhuset

22. november


Registrering og kaffe




Åpning av NEON23 og keynote

Organisational sludge: Why our organisations are blocked up and what to do about it

by Professer André Spicer, Bayes Business School, UK





Organisasjonsfagets posisjon i vår tids samfunnsutfordringer – hvor går veien videre?


Professor Haldor Byrkjeflot, Universitetet i Oslo

Professor Cathrine Sejerstad, Universitetet i Sørøst-Norge

Professor Torstein Nesheim, SNF

Leder av debatten: Førsteamanuensis Hanne Finnestrand, NTNU


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Aperitiff i kunstneriske omgivelser på Gubalari/K.U.K

Sponset av Fagbokforlaget


Jubileumsmiddag NEON 20-år


NEON-prisen, fest og dans

23. november