Call for tracks – NEON 2022

Organizing during uncertain and conflicting times

Organizations, nations, societies, and local communities are mutually intertwined when it comes to meet the local, national and global grand challenges of our time – like pandemics, wars (the dramatic situation in Europe during the winter of 2022),poverty, injustice, climate change, biodiversity and ecological challenges. These wicked challenges are all complex and long-term problems which increases uncertainty on global, national, local, and organizational levels. Thus, we call scholars within a broad range of disciplines and research traditions for joining NEON 2022.

In light of these grand challenges, the NEON conference 2022 focuses on organizing during uncertain and conflicting times in a broad sense. The attention devoted to these challenges—often called “wicked problems”—and how they cause uncertainty and conflicts has increased in recent decades. However, in spite of massive objective knowledge and scientific agreements upon the “objective facts” facing our common earth and societies there is a gap to fill when it comes to how disciplines like social science, humanities and philosophy might engage with these challenges.

We strongly believe in the need for interdisciplinarity and pluralism of organizational research as an advantage. The NEON conference – having for many years served as a meeting place across disciplines and between researchers and practitioners – is an excellent arena for professional discussions about what constitutes positive visions for the future and how to organize present and future organizations with an eye to a better future. In order to develop NEON’s potential of filling such a role further, we invite you to submit proposals for track sessions and we encourage all participants to embrace broad interdisciplinary issues also for this year’s conference. We are also open to a greater variety of formats for the sessions and we welcome everything from traditional paper sessions to other formats conducive for sharing and developing new knowledge.

We therefore invite you to submit tracks focusing on what organizing and management on various levels (macro, meso and micro) which in turn may help us gain further understanding of the increasing uncertainty and conflicting times facing the world today.

This call is in English to also attract track organizers outside Norway. Our language policy is still to organize the session programme in both English and any of the Scandinavian languages.

Deadline to submit your track proposal is May 5th

The track submission must include;

  1. Title of the track
  2. A description of the track theme (250 - 500 words + references)
  3. Format that clearly states if submission of paper is either; Required, desired but not required, not required.
  4. Track organizers including name, e-mail and affiliation
  5. Other information on plans during or beyond NEON 2022 (like publishing)

Please send to by May 5th


Kind regards

The NEON programme committee


Are Branstad  (USN School of Business)

Erlend Aas Gulbrandsen (USN School of Business)

Elsa Kristiansen (USN School of Business)

Tor Paulson (INN University)

Maria Røhnebæk (INNOFF/INN University)

Arild Schou (USN School of Business)

Cathrine Seierstad (USN School of Business)

Jarle Løwe Sørensen (USN School of Business)

Ansgar Ødegård (USN School of Business/NEON 2022 Chair)

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